2021 Toyota Prius color white driving down street

What technology features are included in the 2021 Toyota Prius Prime?

When it comes time to start looking for your next vehicle upgrade, the 2021 Toyota Prius Prime is a vehicle that should be at the top of your list. The Prius Prime, a vehicle available at your local Toyota of Santa Maria dealership has it all when looking at what stands out in a quality vehicle. One of the things that make the Prius Prime so great is the multiple different tech features, which will be discussed below.

cellular device hooked up to Apple CarPlay system

2021 Prius Prime – Apple CarPlay 

For drivers that have Apple devices, Apple CarPlay is an innovative technology that helps make driving from one destination to another easier than ever. After completing the simple setup with your compatible Apple device, Apple CarPlay unlocks a wide array of different features drivers can use while on the road. Some of the features you will have access to are weather alerts, traffic alerts, hands-free texting, and calling, as well as access to Apple Music and all your favorite playlists on Apple Music. Don’t have an Apple device? Don’t worry, the Prius Prime also comes with Android Auto which will be talked about below. 

2021 Prius Prime – Android Auto 

Drivers who have an Android device also have access to a ton of fantastic features thanks to Android Auto. After following the quick and easy setup, Android Auto will be able to provide you with a bunch of integrated features to make driving behind the wheel so much easier. Some of the features drivers will have access to are hands-free texting and calling, real-time traffic alerts, as well as gain access to your favorite apps and music.  

2021 Prius Prime – Wireless Charging 

While you are connected to either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the last thing you would want to happen is to have your device run out of battery. With the wireless charging port that the 2021 Prius Prime has, that won’t be an issue. The Qi-compatible wireless charging station allows your device to charge up while on the go, without having to worry about wires or plugins. If your device does not pair up with Qi, no worries either! The Prius Prime comes with three different USB ports.