2020 Toyota Avalon color red

What is Apple CarPlay?

When it comes to finding the right vehicle, it’s important to know what features come with each model you may be looking at. With a ton of features being spewed at you from a salesman, it may be hard to keep up and write down everything the vehicle you are looking at has to offer. Hopefully, after reading into this article, you can have a better understanding of what Apple CarPlay is, and what it brings to the table for you as a driver. 

Apple CarPlay – What is it? 

Apple CarPlay is an integrated, interactive software system that comes available in pretty much every new model of Toyota vehicle. In order to take advantage of this system, all you need to have is an Apple smart device to connect to Apple CarPlay, and you have access to a bunch of great features, which will be touched on below. If you don’t have an Apple device, most Toyota models offer Android Auto, which serves as the interactive, integrated technology service for Android users.  

Up close view of the touchscreen available in the Toyota Corolla hybrid

Apple CarPlay – What are the benefits of it? 

What are some of the benefits of Apple CarPlay? Pretty much everything you have on your phone can be accessed through your car’s Apple CarPlay system. It provides convenience on the road while being able to talk and text while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.  

Apple CarPlay – What features come with it? 

Apple CarPlay comes with a bunch of different features available for drivers to use on the road. The biggest one must be the fact that you can talk and text while driving, in a hands-free environment. You don’t have to look at your phone screen, pick up your phone or even look at it while driving. The Apple CarPlay system also allows you to access your favorite music and playlists with Apple music. You also can get real-time weather updates, traffic updates and have access to a bunch of different apps on your phone as well.  

Apple CarPlay – Toyota of Santa Maria 

To find out what Toyota models come equipped with Apple CarPlay, head to your local Toyota of Santa Maria dealership today, or visit their website here to check out which models in stock come equipped with Apple CarPlay. If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to contact a Toyota of Santa Maria team member today.